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Participate in the Lunar New Year Festival. Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month. Help organize a workshop. Get paired with a peer mentor to help you adjust to college life. Apply for a work-study job. Use our computers for your next paper. Hang out between classes. Attend a cultural show. Join a student group. Ask questions, and get answers. Build leadership skills. Sing at Karaoke night. Most of all, get involved, and have fun!

To participate in or help organize any programs and services below, stop by 244 Costo Hall, or contact Esther Kim at (951) 827-7272 or

Asian American and Pacific Islander Programs, Services and Organizations

  • Cultural & Education Programs

    APSP presents a variety of cultural and educational programs throughout the year that celebrate and raise awareness of current and historical AAPI experiences. Come learn more about AAPI cultures and heritages through a series of programs, workshops, and collaborations. Listed below is just a preview of the many sorts of events CEP has to offer. We welcome your ideas and participation – attend, participate and have fun!

    • Workshops – Teach or attend workshops throughout the year on topics such as time management, career planning, parental pressures, origami and more.

    • Trips – APSP has organized special trips to places such as the annual Manzanar Pilgrimage, which is held the last Saturday of April at the Manzanar National Historic site, approximately 210 miles north of Los Angeles.

    • Socials – Meet new friends and bond with old ones at our socials. With or without ice cream, it's a great way to get to know each other.

    • Film Screenings & Movie Nights – Grab the popcorn and join us for movies – sometimes just for fun and sometimes to screen culturally significant films for thought, discussion and support of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander artists.

    • Hump Day Celebration – Join the potluck, music and fun as we celebrate the middle day of the middle week of the middle quarter as the halfway point in the academic year. This celebration also marks the beginning of the recruitment, hiring and training cycle for the following year's student staff and volunteers.

    • Finals Week Study Breaks – Join other students during finals week for some much-needed breaks. Laugh, have fun, unwind and then get back to work.
  • Peer Mentor Program

    Peer Mentors help first-year and transfer students make a smooth adjustment to college life and culture, direct them to UCR resources, and help them discover opportunities for personal, academic and social growth. Get paired up with a peer mentor or become a peer mentor to help other students.

  • Roundtable

    Roundtable is a regular discussion series dealing with a variety of topics relating to AAPI communities and issues. Come together to hear from others, share your own insights, and learn alongside one another in a safe space.

  • Speaker Series

    We invite speakers from the community to highlight and center AAPI voices at many of our events on campus. Some of our previous guests include Ryan Potter, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Kim Chi, Jimmy Yang, and Ronnie Woo!

  • Womxn's Program

    The Womxn’s Program aims to start conversations about AAPI womxn’s issues, concerns, and discussion topics that we believe are important to talk about. We host our 369 series where we have an event on weeks 3, 6, and 9 of each quarter. We also host an annual Womxn’s Conference in where attendees come together and educate themselves as AAPI womxn to reshape and redefine what their identity means to them.

  • Campus Liason

    APSP works with other campus ethnic and gender offices to build community, establish positive working relationships and develop joint projects. Student leaders attend UCR’s Common Ground Retreat, where student leaders from various backgrounds gather to define points of connection and develop collective responses to issues affecting UCR. 

  • Internships & Student Coordinator Opportunities

    Apply for employment at APSP as a student coordinator or volunteer to build your resume with work experience and new skills. We accept applications for our student coordinator positions every Winter Quarter. We also occasionally get internship leads and pass them on to our student workers.

  • Student Organizations Affiliated with APSP

    Joining a student organization is the fastest way to get connected, make a difference in various causes, and have a voice in determining campus activities. Check out the student organizations that are officially affiliated with APSP in the 2023-2024 academic year below. 

    • Asian Pacific Islander Student Advisory Council (APISAC) – This council is a forum for direct exchange between APSP and UCR’s AAPI student organizations.

    • Chinese Student Association (CSA) – Cultural

    • Hallyu at UCR – Cultural

    • Hmong Student Association (HSA) – Cultural

    • Katipunan Pilipino Student Organization – Cultural

    • Khmer Student Society (KSS) – Cultural

    • Nikkei Student Union (NSU) – Cultural

    • Pacific Islander Student Alliance (PISA) – Cultural

    • Queer Association of Asian Pacific Islanders (QAAPI) – Cultural  

    • Riverside Surging Dragons – Dragon boat association

    • Senryu Taiko – Arts & Expression

    • South Asian Federation (SAF) – Action/Political

    • Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) – Cultural

    • Tea and Go– Cultural games and tea

    • Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) – Cultural 

    To find out about these student organizations, contact APSP at (951) 827-7272, stop by 244 Costo Hall or visit Student Life.